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A White Oak Christmas Tune

A White Oak Christmas Tune



T’was the week before Christmas and all through the house every stomach was growling, even that of the mouse. The family moaned and they groaned as the “hanger” set in. With all of the Christmas cooking there was no food left for them!
So, on went their snow boots, parkas, and hats. They hopped in the car and hurried off, pedal flat. “To the White Oak”, they shouted as they cruised down the road. Minutes later they arrived, hunger in tow.
Through the parking lot they ambled as quick as could be (please do not run in the parking lot). They burst through the door and grabbed a table with glee. It would be soon enough they wouldn’t be so hun-gry.
They ordered and ordered and the service was quick! The food came out faster than you could say lickity-split. But don’t let they speed fool you, it was made with such care! Such beautiful burgers, entrees, steak and beer!
They ate and they ate and all was alright. They wouldn’t be hungry the rest of the night. Now that is the story of this family here. How they ended their hunger with great food, friends, and beer.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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