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June 7th Specials and Draft List

June 7th Specials and Draft List

I could have swore it was June….but then I walked outside and I swear it’s October. Unfortunately everyone else thinks its June too, so we don’t have any Oktoberfest to drink. However, we do have a whole bunch of other great beer and now you can pick a few from our bottled selection (six to be exact) and mix your own six pack, so that’s pretty cool.


Vegetable of the DayMushroom Green Beans

Soup – Cheeseburger

Dessert – New York Cheesecake

Special Appetizer

Hot Spinach Dip……$6.00


Stroganoff Sub – Our awesome pulled roast beef, nestled in a toasted french roll, and topped with a house made Stroganoff sauce.  With fries…$12.00

Ribs Combo – Our slow roasted ribs paired with your choice of 6oz New York Strip steak, or grilled chicken.  With choice of two sides…Chicken….$16.00  Steak…$19.00

Crispy Fish Wrap – fried haddock, topped with lettuce tomato, and onion, and dressed with a tangy sweet and sour sauce.  Served with fries…$11.00

Seafood Combo – A beer batter pairing of shrimp and haddock, along with your choice of two sides…$15.00

Draft  Special – Ballast Point Scullpin IPA……   $4.50 pints

Draft List

  • Lagunitas Born Again Yesterday – An unfiltered Pale ale, a one hitter offering from the alchemist’s at Petaluma.  Wet hopped and wonderful,  7% ABV  IBU’s “ High “  16oz…$5.00  32oz…$8.50
  • Rusty Rail Train Wreck – Bright and Beautiful, this imperial APA drinks smooth and resinous, with lingering citrus notes.  7.7% ABV  77 IBU’s  16oz…$5.50  32oz…$9.50
  • Rusty Rail Wolf King – Brewed with hints of Warrior One coffee, this imperial stout is chocolatey, and malty delicious.  8.2% ABV 20 IBU’s  16oz…$5.50 32oz…$9.50  
  • Shiner Strawberry Ale – New summer seasonal with of course, fresh strawberries.  Light and crisp.  4.5% ABV  11 IBU’s  16oz…$4.50  320z…$7.50
  • New Belgium Juicy Melon – Golden and bright with aromas of watermelon, cucumber.  Mild sweetness and crisp finish.  5% ABV          7 IBU  16oz…$5.00  32oz…$8.50
  • Avery El’Gose – A German style sour ale with lime zest and sea saltiness.  4.5% ABV   16oz…$6.00  32oz…$11.00
  • Lancaster Double Chocolate Milk Stout – Intense roasted malt give this silky smooth stout it’s chocolatey flavour, and the loads of pure chocolate help.  6.8% ABV  18 IBU’s  16oz…$4.50  32oz…$7.50
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon – 16oz…$3.00  32oz…$5.00
  • Susquehanna Brewing Shady Spot – A shandy style wheat beer brewed with fresh lemonade.  Sweet tart flavor and crisp finish.  4.7%ABV  9 IBU’s  16oz…$4.00  32oz… $7.00
  • Ballast Point Sculpin – A Gold medal winning IPA, with hops that impart hints of mango, peach, lemon, and apricot.  7.0% ABV  70 IBU’s   16oz…$5.50  32oz….$9.50
  • Coors Light- 16 oz….$3.00  32 oz…$5.00
  • Yuengling Lager – 16oz…$3.00   32oz…$5.00

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