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  • Draft Beer
    12 Draft Beers Available


Draft List March 1

Draft List March 1

  • Coors Light- 16 oz….$2.75  32 oz…$4.75
  • Yuengling Lager – 16oz…$2.75   32oz…$4.75
  • Southern Tier Creme Brulee – This imperial milk stout tastes and smells as good as the title.  Watch out though, Bessie will kick if ya try to take too much milk. 10% ABV  10 IBU’s  10oz pour only…$5.75
  • Traveler Aloha Ale – a wheat pineapple shandy that is light and crisp, with the sweetness of pineapple and hints of citrus.  4.4% abv 7 ibu’s.  16oz…$4.50  32oz…$7.50
  • Sierra Nevada Sidecar – Spring seasonal offering of a orange twist to their always great Pale Ale.  5.3% abv  35 ibu’s.  16oz…$4.50  32oz…$7.50
  • Ommegang Rare Vos – A Belgium style white ale with copper color, mellow drinkability, and fruity and spicy flavors.  21 IBU’s  6.5% ABV.   16oz…$6.00   32oz…$10.50
  • Founder’s PC Pils – The pleasantly crisp, and refreshingly clean pilsner with just the right amount of Cascade hops for a hop citrus nose but smooth drinkability interest.  5.5% ABV  45 IBU’s  16oz…$4.00   32oz…$7.00
  • Victory Vital IPA – American hopped IPA with strong piney aromas, and citrus spicy flavors.  6.5% ABV.  16oz… $5.25   32oz…$9.00
  • Victory Cream Ale Coffee – Blackboard series special brew that is a clean blonde, with subtle coffee aroma, and velvet smooth cream ale finish.  6.5% abv, 30 ibu’s.  16oz…$5.75   32oz…$10.00
  • Evil Genius I’ll Have What She’s Having – Chocolate Hazelnut Imperial Stout that is as good as it sound’s. 9.5%ABV.  87 IBU’s.  16oz…$5.50   32oz…$9.50
  • Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA – An imperial IPA that is continuously hopped for extreme hop character without the bitterness.  Perhaps the best IPA IN THE WORLD!!!  9.0%ABV  90 IBU’s  16oz…$6.50   32oz…$10.75
  • Blue Moon – Belgian White Ale.  16oz…$4.00   32oz…$7.00


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