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Draft List November 2

Draft List November 2

  • Coors Light- 16 oz….$2.75  32 oz…$4.75
  • Yuengling Lager – 16oz…$2.75   32oz…$4.75
  • Rouge 8 Hop IPA – Brash and burly 8 hops ipa.  8.9ABV  80 IBU’s   16oz…$6.00   32oz…$10.00
  • Trick Or Treat – Evil Genius Chocolate Pumpkin Porter.  A deep, dark, decadent seasonal delight.   7.8% ABV.   16oz…$5.50  32oz…$9.25      
  • Doc G’s Nirto Orange Blossom Wheat – A smooth and creamy orange note American style wheat.  4.8% ABV  16oz…$4.50  32oz…$7.50         
  • Old Forge Enigma #3 – Latest installment of their enigma series, lemony nose with conventional hoppiness and crisp, yet tart finish.  6.1 ABV            60 IBU’s   16oz…$5.50   32oz…$9.25
  • Great Lakes Oatmeal Stout – Dark and roasty yet light and smooth as a fresh coat of snow.  5.4 ABV   25 IBU’s   16oz…$4.75   32oz…$8.00
  • PumpKick – New Belgium’s version of classic pumpkin ale.  6.0%ABV.  16oz…$5.00   32oz..$8.50
    • On Special All week until it’s gone!!
  • Old Forge Nitro Coffee Kolsch – A unique twist on a crisp, clean drinking Kolsch beer.  Low IBU’s, and  Smooth nitro drinkability.  5.5%ABV  16oz…$5.00  32oz…$8.50
  • Lagunitas Pils – Light, crisp, and easy to slam.  Yet, real Lager flavor with a smooth balance.  6.0% ABV.  16oz…$4.00   32oz…$7.00
  • Old Forge Overbite – An outstanding American Ipa with beautiful malt balance.  75 IBU’s  7.5% ABV   16oz…$4.50  32oz….$7.50
  • Great Lakes Eliot Ness – The amber lager that is untouchably smooth and ironically named.  6.1%ABV  16oz…$4.00  32oz…$7.00

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